Through Presidential Decree No. 6915, we have obtained government authorization to develop the Intercontinental Free Zone which seeks to support our authorities in the development of the free zone industry, their objectives to attract and increase foreign investments and competitiveness, while creating jobs opportunities for Dominican professionals and technicians.

A company that comes to improve the offers in the market with spacious and modern infrastructures with an excellent and convenient location that situates us up to 10 minutes of Haina´s Port through the recently constructed Circunvalación Norte Highway. Strategically located in an Industrial zone near to the city with easy access to the Duarte Highway that connects us with the country North`s Region, which provides greater opportunities and conveniences for our customers.



We are a private free zone park , which seeks to contribute to the industrial development in the Dominican Republic by providing infrastructure and high standards services that can allow our clients and investors to operate their companies in a safe environment and maintain a good balance between cost, high productivity and quality in an increasingly open and global market.


Becoming a model free zone park in our class, providing operational efficiency and a differentiating service to our customers . Supporting our national and international clients and investors in their competitiveness objectives to face current and future global challenges while supporting the creation of new jobs in the Dominican Republic


Commitments: Through responsible employees committed with the company, their goals and our customers, we guarantee 100% responsibility to provide the right service in a timely manner.
Integrity: Honesty and adherence to regulations and laws, as well as human values.
Efficiency: Using the right amount of resources to meet our objectives.
Excellence in service: Supporting our customers with present and future needs to get the right solutions that fit those needs.
Innovation: A company aware of the importance of changes and whiling to be in a constant review to identify updates or new creations to adapt ourselves to market´s demand.


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